Since the beginning of his career in 1997, Max Riemelt has appeared as an actor in more than sixty German and international productions. Information about the movies, short films and series can be found on this page.


Eine Familie zum Küssen (1997)

Role: Berlin Boy, Director: Hans Werner

Music is the life of the "singing Bertrams". Papa Bernhard's (Gerhart Lippert) family of six lives happily in Wachau (Austria). Only the fatal accident of the mother in a journalist's car puts the idyll to the test. The family becomes increasingly alienated until their eldest daughter Maria (Simone Heher) draws a line. She separates from her boyfriend and goes to Berlin as a nurse. Soon the rest of the pack follows into the noisy metropolis. Dad finds a job as a music teacher, but the new environment creates unpleasant tensions.


Praxis Bülowbogen (1997)

Role: N.N., Director: Eberhard Pieper

Berlin-Schoeneberg: Doctor Peter Brockmann (Günter Pfitzmann) has his practice for general medicine in the middle of the neighbourhood in Zietenstraße. He and his doctor's assistant Gabi Koehler (Anita Kupsch) lovingly take care of the small and big needs of their patients. But medical concerns are not the only issue. Even with private problems, the doctor is always on the spot. But the people in his neighborhood love and worship him for it. Because it makes no difference between private patients and statutory health insurance patients. Unfortunately, he sometimes overshoots the mark a bit, so that his doctor's assistant sometimes has to slow him down. Because also privately and in his love life things sometimes get quite turbulent.


Zwei Allein (Two of a Kind, 1998)

Role: Max Loser, Director: Matthias Steurer

Max and Sebastian are great friends. Both are passionate cyclists, and live in an orphanage in Hamburg. But Sebastian suddenly gets new foster parents - in Berlin! Since Max can't take it alone in the home, he runs away and hitches off to Berlin on his own. There he meets Juli, a Labrador whose master has just died. For Max and July it is the beginning of a wonderful, endless friendship. From now on they fight their way through together and look for a new home.


Ein Weihnachtsmaerchen - Wenn alle Herzen schmelzen (1999)

Role: Jonas, Director: Johannes Fabrick

Truck driver Tschak (Goetz Otto) sees red when the bank wants to seize his truck and his wife Barbara (Susanne Schaefer), who lives apart from him, also claims sole custody of their son. Just on his birthday he picks up the unsuspecting Lukas (Max Riemelt) from school to go with him on a desperate odyssey through half Europe. But everything is a little different than expected: The mother has alarmed the police and attached herself to the heels of her fugitive husband, who threatens to fail in his recently accepted role as father: He and Lukas compete for a woman of all people, the young hitchhiker Marietta (Lisa Maria Potthoff), who turns their heads.


Der Baer ist los (Bear on the run, 1999)

Role: Tom, Director: Dana Vávrová

Summer holidays in Berlin. As every year, her father Julia (Janina Vilsmaier) brings her mother (Ivana Chylková) to the Bohemian Forest. But this time everything is a little different: Julia meets a travelling circus at the entrance to the small Czech village. The blond Tom (Max Riemelt), bear tamer and son of the circus director (Armin Rohde), enchants her immediately. But Julia's high spirits quickly evaporate when she reaches her mother's inn. Julia's room is taken - of all people to a hunter (Heinrich Schafmeister), who soon becomes aware of Tom's stray bear Joschka in search of an impressive trophy. Tom and Julia are shocked. They are supported by the children of the village, especially Jirka (Frantisek Pechácek). But Jirka also has an eye on Julia and clashes with Tom while brown bear Joschka roams the Bohemian forests.


Brennendes Schweigen (2000)

Role: Schappie, Director: Friedemann Fromm

The journalist Siggi Baumeister (Uwe Bohm) reluctantly returns to the wintery Eifel to sell his parents' house and close it off with his father (Herbert Meurer), who was brought to the home by a heart attack. But hardly arrived in the small Eifel village, Baumeister witnesses a cruel incident: the young fixer Ole (Maximilian von Pufendorf) burns in a barn, which he lived in with his great love Betty (Isabell Gerschke). Soon it turns out Ole was murdered. Betty has disappeared and Ole's little brother Schappi (Max Riemelt) is desperate when Baumeister does not give him the help he is looking for. Only with great difficulty does Schappi succeed in softening the journalist's heart. Together with the retired police officer Rodenstock (Hans Korte) and the opaque local police chief Kremers (Juergen Tonkel), Baumeister sets out in search of the background to the murder case.


Maedchen, Maedchen (2001)

Role: Flin, Director: Dennis Gansel

Inken (Diana Amft), Vicky (Felicitas Woll) and Lena (Karoline Herfurth) are friends and fellow sufferers at the same time: they are looking for the ultimate orgasm and have to remove a lot of obstacles to reach their goal. While Lena and Vicky are still completely inexperienced, blonde Inken at least already has a boyfriend. But Tim (Frederic Welter) is a loser in bed. In addition, beekeepers' grades at school are so bad that she has to worry about being transferred. But everything could be so simple. Flin (Max Riemelt), Inken's neighbour, has been yearning for blonde beauty for a long time. And Lena meets her dream prince, the casual singer Nick (Andreas Christ), unexpectedly at a party. If Flin wasn't too sensitive and shy and Nick wasn't too boastful with his buddies from the band, the three girls would soon reach their goal.


Mein Vater und andere Betrueger (2001)

Role: Robertino, Director: Christian von Castelberg

Charlotte (Mareike Lindenmayer) is happy: She can go on holiday to Mallorca with her beloved father Yves (Uwe Ochsenknecht) and thus escapes her boring everyday life and the two boys Milos (Toni Snétberger) and Robertino (Max Riemelt), who fight for her at home. She doesn't mind that her mother Simone (Friederike Wagner) packs her suitcases after just one day to leave again. Now she finally has her father to herself! If it weren't for the many admirers who are literally rushing around him, and also the artists her father takes care of as an agent. Charlotte finds comfort in the dazzling party life on Mallorca, into which Yves introduces her with great gesture. However, Charlotte is confused when Anniko announces her engagement to Yves.


Lottoschein ins Glück (2001)

Role: Björn Michels, Director: Dirk Regel

Astrid (Mariele Millowitsch) has her hands full to manage her life. Her two daughters Luzie (Diane Siemons Willems) and Imke (Lea Kurka) need a lot of affection. And the separation from her ex Robert (Max Herbrechter) costs additional strength. Astrid finds distraction in the lottery. One day she asks her best friend Karin (Marie-Lou Sellem) to hand in the lottery ticket. But Karin loses the ticket to its new owner: Felix (Miroslav Nemec). Of all things! Because Felix just bumped into Astrid. Since the death of his wife he has not spoken to a woman and lives in seclusion with his son Björn (Max Riemelt). Björn and his best friend Carlos give him the final impulse to finally leave his hermit existence. But the incipient relationship between Astrid and Felix is not well starred when Astrid's lotto tip brings six right ones, but their ticket remains untraceable. Felix, on the other hand, is beside himself with joy. With the unexpected profit, he can finally settle his debts in one fell swoop.

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Alphateam, die Lebensretter im OP – Respekt (2002)

Role: Timo, Director: Norbert Schultze Jr.

The doctors, nurses and carers of the alpha team are the first to come to the aid of the people in the Hansa clinic. There is often too little time left for the private life of the emergency room crew. That night, they're holding the breath of three victims of a shooting. Street boy Timo (Max Riemelt) is proud that he was allowed to exchange blows with his idol, the well-known criminal Krupp (Frank Wieczorek). Both were seriously injured and also the guard Bokel, whom Krupp shot, is not doing well: internal bleeding and an injury of the spleen. Dr. Scheu (Hermann Toelcke) operates and helps the young colleague Sturm (Matthias Scherwenikas) to take his first steps in the operating theatre. But the operation on Krupp puts Dr. Brandt, Dr. Bennacef (Francois Smesny) and Dr. Voss (Herbert Trattnigg) themselves in mortal danger: "The wound contains a rifle grenade


Balko – Giftzwerge (2002)

Role: Ingo Grabowski, Director: Rolf Liccini

Heinz Kachelhof scrubs the stubborn dirt off his beloved garden gnome with devotion when a shot disturbs the bourgeois idyll. The dwarf bursts into a thousand pieces. The next morning the war between neighbours gets worse: Irene Kachelhof (Angelika Bartsch) finds her brother-in-law dead in the garden. He was murdered. A new case for the Dortmund investigative duo Stefan Balko (Bruno Eyron) and Klaus Krapp (Ludger Pistor). You're being put to the test. A survey of local residents is unsuccessful. Instead, the situation continues to escalate. On Kurt Rottlinger's (Andreas Windhuis) tranquil estate the garden house is set on fire. Balko and Krapp have no choice but to investigate the nightly events in the "battlefield". They lie in wait and soon find out who the first suspect is.


Wolffs Revier – Au Pair (2002)

Role: Harald Bernhard, Director: Peter Ristau

A couple said they saw the body of a young woman taking a night bath in Schlachtensee - but Tom and Wolff cannot find any dead bodies. As the two officers go through the missing persons file, they come on the trail of the French au pair Simone. A questioning of the host family and Simone's girlfriend confirms the suspicion that the apparently untraceable body is the missing French woman. To make matters worse, it becomes clear that Harald (Max Riemelt) and his mother of all people had an affair with Simone at the same time.

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Alarm für Cobra 11 - Ein tiefer Fall (2003)

Role: Marcel Freese, Director: Holger Gimpel

Werner Freese (Ingo Naujoks) causes a serious accident on the motorway: A young woman is seriously injured and dies shortly afterwards in hospital, but Freese simply drives on. Only his son Marcel (Max Riemelt) is aware of the consequences. But he doesn't dare to stand up to his tyrannical father. Tom Kranich (René Steinke) and Semir Gerkhan (Erdoðan Atalay), the two commissioners of the Kripo Autobahn, quickly find out about Freese. His car has a treacherous scratch on its fender.

Freese, who has just been dismissed without notice, is convicted. And he is furiously jealous, because Tom recognizes his childhood love in his wife Isabell (Marion Mitterhammer). Apart from rage, Freese becomes a ticking time bomb. And not only that: He is now also armed and has Marcel under his control.

Person at Night with Smoke

Sextasy (2002)

Role: Boyfriend, Director: Yasemin Samdereli

A young girl (Lilian Mazbouh) thinks about the best way to lose her virginity. In search of the unique and unforgettable first time she decides to experiment with Tantra practices. Although her boyfriend (Max Riemelt) is eager and willing, her plan does not work out as she had hoped.

Max Riemelt - In aller Freunschaft

In aller Freundschaft - Ich liebe Dich, Mama (2003)

Role: Mirco Venske, Director: Juergen Brauer

The fate of cellist Helga Venske (Emanuela von Frankenberg) touches the entire staff. Helga Venske is admitted to the Sachsenklinik after a traffic accident. It is more by chance that the doctors discover a tumour in her that is already disturbing her hearing and sense of balance. Since the cancer may be genetic, Dr. Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann) also has to examine Helga's son Mirco (Max Riemelt). Fearing never to meet his father, he asks his mother to reveal his identity. Mirco finds him in Berlin. But Michael Dietrich (Ulrich Wiggers) is different than Mirco imagines him: Not a career-loving egoist, but a person with a heart. Mirco persuades him to come to Leipzig to talk to his mother.


Hallesche Kometen (2003)

Role: Ingo, Director: Susanne Irina Zacharias

Ben is in his early 20s and lives with Karl, his overweight, unemployed father in a prefabricated housing estate in Halle. Ben's dream is to travel the world one day and write about it. But he still works as a distributor of brochures and writes only secretly fictitious travel reports on self-made postcards. His buddy Ingo (Max Riemelt) gives him a foothold in life and the vague hope that his father could soon find a new job that would make him human again and make him independent of his son. Ben's dazzling dream of a better future, however, is thwarted by Charlemagne's refusal. Increasingly the family is plagued by financial difficulties. In his attempts to raise more money, Ben gets into criminal circles. Only Ingo is stopping him from doing worse. But when Ben falls in love with Jana (Marie Rönnebeck), who comes from a better family, he becomes all the more painfully aware of his own desolate situation. He realizes that he must finally act.


Napola - Elite für den Führer (Before the Fall, 2003)

Role: Friedrich Weimer, Director: Dennis Gansel

Germany 1942: The Second World War has been raging for three years and Hitler's henchmen still bask in the glory of their imaginary superiority. Friedrich Weimer (Max Riemelt), a 17-year-old worker's son, is dazzled by her pomp during a boxing match against the National Political Education Institute (Napola) Potsdam. His desire to become part of this apparently great community was awakened when Heinrich Vogler (Devid Striesow) invited him to the Napola entrance examinations. Friedrich is fascinated at first by the luxury and drill. But soon events are coming thick and fast: Siegfried Gladen (Martin Goeres), harassed by teacher Josef Peiniger (Michael Schenk), kills himself. And Friedrich's best friend, the sensitive Albrecht (Tom Schilling) also breaks under the pressure of his father's high expectations and the inhuman Nazi ideology. Much too late Friedrich notices which people he got involved with.


Neuland (2004)

Role: Kolja, Director: Stefan Hering

Kolja (Max Riemelt) lives together with his family and friends in a prefabricated housing estate on the outskirts of the city: gambling, theft and boozing determine their everyday life. But one day they go too far: From a party they take a taxi home. Of course, without money. When they have to pay, they rob the taxi driver Uta (Anna Maria Mühe). Everybody leaves, only Kolja feels remorse. He distances himself from his friends and looks for Uta to apologize to her. She demands that he denounce his friends. But can Kolja do this?


Mädchen, Mädchen - Loft oder Liebe (Girls on the Top II, 2004)

Role: Flin, Director: Peter Gersina

The friends Inken (Diana Amft), Lucy (Jasmin Gerat) and Lena (Karoline Herfurth) have already left school for several years and are now going to university. Problems are still in the house. Inken and Lucy have to leave home and Lena no longer wants to live with her chaotic friend Lukas (Florian David Fitz). They decide to find a place to live together. But finding a three-room dwelling for a maximum of 500 euros per month in Munich turns out to be an extremely difficult, if not impossible undertaking. That's why new strategies are needed. Lucy wants to get close to Sebastian (Sebastian Ströbel). His father is stinking rich and owns 2,000 apartments in Munich. But at first she always comes across a friend of Sebastian's, who is supposed to get her a date. First of all, however, the three friends temporarily move into a dump in their apartment. Inken, who has been without a boyfriend for six months, is immediately enthusiastic about her new neighbour, the yuppie Paul (Simon Verhoeven). On the other hand, she may feel more than just friendship for her friend Flin (Max Riemelt). Meanwhile, Lena, who wants to part with her friend Lukas, lets herself be invited by her fellow student Johan (Max von Thun) to a boat trip to Lake Starnberg...


Der Rote Kakadu (The Red Cockatoo, 2004)

Role: Siegfried "Siggi" Molnar, Director: Dominik Graf

In the spring of 1961, four months before the construction of the Berlin Wall, twenty-year-old Siggi Molnar (Max Riemelt) came to Dresden to work as a stage painter at the theatre and to study at the Theatre Academy. He quickly made new friends, such as the young poet Luise (Jessica Schwarz), whose poems were banned as "decadent" in the still young GDR. Luise introduces him to the company of the "Red Cockatoos". Critics of the regime meet in the infamous nightclub to dance to western music, among them Luise's husband, the fun-loving wool (Ronald Zehrfeld). A completely new, exciting world is opening up for Siggi. Much too late, he realizes what danger he's in. State security has infiltrated the cockatoo clique. An informant uses his information to ensure that wool is arrested. When Siggi's superior, the dramaturg Hurwitz (Devid Striesow), finally refuses him admission to university and he and his friends and acquaintances are tried by the "Red Cockatoo", Siggi flees to the West. He struggles to get Luise, a convinced socialist, to promise to follow him. But only six days later the GDR closes its borders.


Nachtasyl (2005)

Role: Aljoscha, Director: Hardi Sturm

A primitive dormitory. At the very bottom of the bottom of society, at some time, in some country and perhaps not so far away from the here and now, the inhabitants are fighting a fierce struggle for survival in a very confined space. No one has work, no one has a future and the rent that the landlords Walli (Esther Schweins) and Michael (Wolfgang Maria Bauer) are willing to pay them is far from covering them all. Only a few like the prostituting Aljoscha (Max Riemelt) are still trying to escape their misery. Others like the actor (Uwe Karpa) have long since lost their minds, flee like Nadja (Clelia Sarto) into absurd daydreams or like Pepe (Aleksandar Jovanovic) into booze. Regardless of everyone, even her own husband, Anna (Eva Herzig) dies in the same room. Feelings are atrophied. The apparent balance only begins to waver when Luka (Hans-Peter Hallwachs) arrives at the night asylum. The residents cannot escape his direct questions and his ability to analyse the situation. Their escape into illusion is blocked. They are forced to seek their inner, true self in the hope of finding something they have long believed lost: the ability to live and love.


Der Untergang der Pamir (2005)

Role: Carl-Friedrich von Krempin, Director: Kaspar Heidelbach

The bosun Acki Lueders (Klaus J. Behrendt) stayed ashore after the death of his wife to be with his 8-year-old daughter. With his mother-in-law, he runs an unloved farm in Schleswig-Holstein. His friend Hans Ewald (Jan-Josef Liefers) persuades him to come to Hamburg and hire on the Pamir. Here, however, they find that instead of the hoped-for captain, a strict and unyielding captain, Ludwig Lewerenz (Herbert Knaup), is in command. There is a dispute above all because the three men cannot agree on how to train the young cadets and because Lueders makes friends with the cadet Carl-Friedrich von Krempin (Max Riemelt). When the ship arrives in Buenos Aires, the port workers strike. The Pamir crew loses time and the shipping company suffers a financial loss. Captain Lewerenz, who is put under pressure by the shipowner, orders the crew to fill the deep tank against the warning of his first officer. This finally becomes the Pamir's fate. Hurricane Carrie means their wet grave for most of the 80 seafarers. Only six men survive.


Die Zigarrenkiste (2006)

Role: Tjark Evers, Director: Matthias Klimsa

Christmas 1866: Tjark Evers (Max Riemelt), 21 years old and a sailor's student, sets off for home to his family. To save time and arrive punctually at home, Tjark Evers takes a short cut through the East Frisian Wadden Sea. He has no idea that he will die eternal there, off the coast of East Frisia.


GG19 - 19 Gute Gründe für die Demokratie (2006)

Role: Policeman, Director: Harald Siebler, Savas Ceviz

An idyllic village somewhere in Swabia. "Save your way to the post office" is the business idea of a postman (Mehmet Yilmaz). He not only distributes the letters, he also picks them up. During his journey through the little town, he reflects offstage on his customers. Who lives how and where, who is currently involved with whom and who currently has small problems - nothing escapes him and everything he carries on. He reports with relish on the intimate details of the villagers. Finally he opens a letter over the steam of the coffee cup. He reveals his contents to the policeman (Max Riemelt), who stands next to him at the snack bar.


Der Kriminalist - Gefallene Engel (2006)

Role: Michael Büssig, Director: Torsten C. Fischer

Early in the morning Chief Inspector Bruno Schumann (Christian Berkel) is called to a site of discovery. An approximately 16-year-old boy lies crammed into a large bag that has been salvaged from a canal. Who had motive for such a cruel act? A world collapses for the entrepreneurial couple Voelk. The dead one is her son Chris (Patrick Khatami). Schumann offers the image of a neglect of prosperity. Because of their company, the people had little time for their boy, who got even more money for it. The more unpleasant was the contact of his pretty daughter Leila with the arrogant Chris. The snob has been dealing drugs and seduced his teammates Dirk Tillmann and Michael Büssig (Max Riemelt) to drink alcohol.

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An die Grenze (2006)

Role: Private Kerner, Director: Urs Egger

The GDR in 1974: The Wall has stood for 13 years and more out of defiance than conviction Alexander Karow (Jacob Matschenz) declares himself ready for military service at the "anti-fascist protective wall". He rebels against his father (Burghart Klaußner), a famous professor of chemistry, and exchanges his sheltered home for the not always comradely barracks life. Especially the rough corporal Kerner (Max Riemelt) prepares him for difficulties because of his privileged origin and fully lives out his sadism. Alexander finds comfort in Christine (Bernadette Heerwagen), who runs a farm near the border together with her grandmother (Jutta Hoffmann) and her brother Knut (Frederick Lau). Happiness, however, is short-lived. Knut's blatant opposition to the SED regime puts him in danger. Wanda must act before State Security intervenes and has Knut convicted. In need she entrusts herself to Alexander and asks him to do an almost impossible service of love...


Mörderischer Frieden (2006)

Role: Charly, Director: Rudolf Schweiger

Matlentan, a place in Kosovo shortly after the end of the war in 1999, is still being murdered and plundered, but under different circumstances: While Albanians were previously the victims and Serbs the perpetrators, it is now the other way round. The two young soldiers Tom (Adrian Topol) and Charly (Max Riemelt) are in an almost hopeless KFOR mission with their Bundeswehr company. They are intended to bring peace between the enemy camps and protect the Serbian ghetto in the village from the acts of vengeance of the Albanian militias commanded by Enver (Anatole Taubman). That is why they are desperately looking for the central Albanian armory. A race against time. When a sniper strikes, everything changes for the two soldiers. Charly is injured in an attempt to save the young Serb Mirjana (Susanne Bormann). Tom is chasing after the killer. But then he faces an Albanian boy (Damir Dzumhur). Durcan is holding a sniper rifle. Does he know the way to the gun warehouse and what's his motive?


Lauf um Dein Leben – Vom Junkie zum Ironman (2007)

Role: Andreas Niedrig, Director: Adnan Koese

Andreas Niedrig (Max Riemelt) is a junkie and a thief. Always looking for the next shot. Always trying to hide his addiction from his wife Sabine (Jasmin Schwiers), his little daughter and his parents (Leslie Malton, Udo Schenk) until one day everything gets out of control. His wife finds him in the bathroom with a shot in his arm. She's leaving him. Neglected and heavily indebted to the drug mafia, Andreas and his friends Kurt (Axel Stein), Motte (Robert Gwisdek) and Ismail (Ismail Deniz) land on the street, lose all hope and want to kill themselves. But fate wants it differently: He runs into a tree - and survives! A roller coaster ride begins when the painful withdrawal cure remains unsuccessful. Only a forest run with his father brings the key experience that changes Andreas' further life forever. His new drug is called adrenaline. His trainer Oscar (Uwe Ochsenknecht) accompanies him on the long journey from junkie to ironman. Andreas Niedrig finds himself and finally becomes the best newcomer at the Ironman in Hawaii, the world's toughest triathlon.


Nicht von diesem Stern (2007)

Role: Arnold, Director: Hardi Sturm

Arnold (Max Riemelt) believes from childhood that he is an alien. Day in and day out, he tries to build a flying machine that will finally take him "home". Protected by his mother Ida (Katja Riemann) and her long-time admirer, the country doctor Emil (Armin Rohde), he is considered a quirky but lovable outsider in his home village. But when a child is injured in an accident, the villagers blame Arnold's "condition". The young man is admitted to the psychiatric department of the state hospital. Because the young doctor Wanda (Anneke Kim Sarnau) is anyway looking for a topic for her doctoral thesis, she takes on Arnold. However, the closer Wanda gets to know Arnold, the more her world view gets confused. Not only is the doctor falling in love with her patient. In his alleged clinical picture, she also encounters inconsistencies that seem to contradict all scientific findings. Is Arnold just a "strange saint" or could the impossible be possible? Is Arnold really a visitor...?


Tausend Ozeane (2007)

Role: Meikel Winter, Director: Luki Frieden

24-year-old Meikel Willer (Max Riemelt) suffers under his caring but ambitious father (Thierry van Werveke). When he is appointed junior boss of the family-owned car dealership, Meikel flees his family obligations. Together with his friend Bjoern (Maximilian Simonischek) he sets off for the Maldives. But at the end of a relaxing holiday, Meikel has to leave his buddy behind on the Maldives. Björn, who loves freedom, has decided not to return to everyday life. Back home, Meikel realizes that something must have happened during his absence that his family can't talk about. He is advised not to persuade his best friend to return from the Maldives. Meikel gets curious and does everything he can to uncover the dark secret behind Bjoern's stay in the Maldives. The closer he gets to this secret, the more he realizes that he has to save himself rather than Bjoern.


Die Welle (The Wave, 2008)

Role: Marco, Director: Dennis Gansel

"So you think that a dictatorship is no longer possible in Germany today", Rainer Wenger (Jürgen Vogel) tries to lure his students out of the reserve. He senses that he cannot convey the topic of "autocracy" with frontal instruction and uses the project week for a little experiment. In practice, he wants to teach his students how autocracy works. The students should get up when they talk to him, and troublemakers like Kevin (Maximilian Mauff) are quickly and decisively thrown out the door. A uniform, a logo and the "Wave Greeting" should help to transform the class into a strong community. Rainer Wenger misses the fact that the students are forming a fascist movement. Only Marcos (Max Riemelt) friend Karo (Jennifer Ulrich) still has the strength to defend her individuality. When she sees how students who do not return the "wave greeting" are excluded, she decides to act. But especially the former outsider Tim (Frederick Lau) refuses to find his way back to reality.


13 Semester (2008)

Role: Momo, Director: Frieder Wittich

From the province to freedom: the place to study business mathematics leads the two friends Momo (Max Riemelt) and Dirk (Robert Gwisdek) from Brandenburg to the Technical University in Darmstadt and thus right into student life. While Dirk accelerates in the fast lane and races through lectures, homework and tutorials, Momo doesn't take it quite so exactly. The early bird can take it and it flies promptly from the study group and through the intermediate diploma. Momo prefers to set his own pace with his buddy and lady crush Bernd (Alexander Fehling): partying with vodka apple juice, making blue at the lake and swarming for dream woman Kerstin (Claudia Eisinger). Only with the help of his Indian friend Aswin (Amit Shah) and his "coffee" Momo gets the learning curve. But only to realize that he is stuck in traffic without a plan.


Im Angesichts des Verbrechens (In The Face of Crime, 2008/2009)

Role: Marek Gorsky, Director: Dominik Graf

Marek Gorsky (Max Riemelt, Lukas Riemelt), son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, is a police officer in section 6 of the Berlin police force. When he and his friend and colleague Sven Lottner (Ronald Zehrfeld) were asked by the LKA to investigate organised crime, the trauma of his childhood caught up with him again: Grisha, his older brother, has been shot and killed by a criminal rival. The culprit was never caught. The investigations in the structures of organized crime become for Gorsky a hunt for the murderer of his brother Grisha. Together with his friend Lottner, Gorsky approaches more and more Mischa, the owner of the Odessa restaurant and husband of his sister Stella (Marie Bäumer). Gorsky has to make a decision: Is he turning against Misha and his sister Stella? Can he trust the young Ukrainian Yelena (Alina Levshin), who was lured to Berlin with her friend Svetlana (Katya Nesytova) to force her into prostitution here?


Der Staatsanwalt – Kameradenschwein (2009)

Role: Markus Pohl, Director: Martin Kinkel

Public prosecutor Bernd Reuther (Rainer Hunold) is conducting a trial against Tilo Kruse (Juergen Rißmann), a well-known thug who has once again beaten a man in hospital, and is about to win the case. Kruse's victim Möhring (Michael Birnbaum) and the police officer Ralf Sandner (Oliver Stokowski) suddenly revoke their testimony and exonerate Kruse. Bernd is beside himself. He thinks Kruse manipulated the witnesses, only he can't prove it. During the night, police officer Brandschieder is shot during a police operation. Ralf Sandner and his young colleague Markus Pohl (Max Riemelt) are involved in the shooting. Thomas and Kerstin can quickly catch the perpetrators, but the murder weapon remains untraceable. The investigation continues and a man who has been heavily charged by fire arbitrators in court is targeted: Wollweber (Bjoern Bugri) lost custody of his children because of Brandschieders testimony and was at the pub at the time of the crime. Bernd has a completely different smell: He suspects that Kruse Brandschieder has cleared the way, because he still wanted to testify against him. Thomas accuses Bernd of instigating an absurd campaign against Kruse, but Bernd remains stubborn and decides on an unusual "under cover" mission, which directs the investigation in a completely unexpected direction.


Urban Explorer (2009)

Role: Kris, Director: Andy Fetscher

A weekend subway shafts and sewers? A few young tourists (Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversmann, Brenda Koo, Catherine de Léan) want to explore the hidden world of Berlin's underground. The city guide of a different kind (Max Riemelt) promises them a not quite legal journey to the driver's bunker, Adolf Hitler's chauffeur's quarters. When Kris falls, two set out to get help. A young American and his girlfriend stay with the injured man. Out of nowhere, the weird Armin (Klaus Stiglmeier) suddenly appears, a former East German border guard. In desperation, they accept his help and transport their now unconscious guide to Armin's quarters. The nightmare has just begun...


Wir sind die Nacht (We Are The Night, 2009)

Role: Tom, Director: Dennis Gansel

20-year-old Lena (Karoline Herfurth) from Berlin keeps her afloat by petty thefts. During her nocturnal raid through an illegal club she meets the centuries-old Louise (Nina Hoss). The sophisticated appearance is the owner of the club and at the same time the leader of a female vampire trio, which also includes the elegant Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich) and the wacky Nora (Anna Fischer). Louise falls in love with the neglected Lena and bites her the first night together. From now on Lena experiences the curse and blessing of her new, eternal life. She enjoys the luxury, the parties, the boundless freedom, but soon the bloodthirst and the murderousness of her new girlfriends get to her. When the Berlin police follow the women's heels and Lena discovers her feelings for the investigating commissioner Tom Serner (Max Riemelt), the events get completely out of control.


Tage, die bleiben (2010)

Role: Lars, Director: Pia Strietmann

In a car accident Christian Dewenter (Goetz Schubert) suddenly loses his wife (Lena Stolze). For the first time, the unfaithful husband, his estranged son (Max Riemelt) and his pubescent daughter (Mathilde Bundschuh) are forced to act together as a family. Christian is incapable of allowing his grief and comforting his children. So he desperately seeks a little closeness with his lover and for a moment he even spins the crazy idea of running off to Amsterdam with her. Lars doesn't really care for the province and just wants to leave quickly. Together with his former classmate and friend, the funeral director Benjamin (Michael Kranz), he has to take care of the formalities for the funeral. In the period between the death of the mother and the funeral, all those left behind have to deal with the question: "What helps in such a situation?


Playoff (2010)

Role: Thomas, Director: Eran Riklis

Max Stoller (Danny Huston) is brought to Frankfurt as coach by Axel (Mark Waschke) - the manager of the German basketball team - at the end of the 1970s. Max is an Israeli national hero since he made Maccabi Tel Aviv European Champion in the late seventies and that he now wants to train the hopeless German team, meets with incomprehension and rejection not only in Israel. Upon his arrival at the airport, he is welcomed by a pack of journalists who are primarily interested in Max as a Holocaust survivor. Dealing with his team is also more difficult than expected, not only because of the language - Max refuses to speak German with them. Thomas (Max Riemelt) - the captain of the team - tries to polarize until Max temporarily excludes him from the team. The only person with whom he can build a relationship is the Turkish immigrant Deniz (Amira Casar) and her witty daughter Sema. When he is confronted with the memories of his childhood in Frankfurt, where he grew up in the 1930s, he has to realize that one cannot flee from his past forever.


Schandmal – Der Tote im Berg (2010)

Role: Thomas Haffner, Director: Thomas Berger

The young policeman and mountaineer Thomas Hafner (Max Riemelt) is called to the site where a corpse was found. When he wants to recover the body, he realizes that the man is still alive. And worse still, he knows him. But the rescue fails, the injured falls into the depths and takes the experienced Hafner to his death. Together with his service group leader Walter Aschauer (Herbert Knaup) and Hanna Weiß (Katja Flint) of the Munich criminal police, Thomas begins to investigate. But when the identity of the dead man has been clarified, he himself is suspected of murder. Did he drop the victim to avenge an act long ago that brought shame on his whole family? At that time, the villagers had given his house an unmistakable "disgrace". Is the past catching up with him now? .


Du hast es versprochen (2010)

Role: Marcus, Director: Alex Schmidt

The two friends Hanna (Mina Tander) and Clarissa (Laura de Boer) are inseparable. Particularly with the holidays on a paradisiacal island the two grow closer together. But after Hanna's ninth birthday the contact breaks off abruptly and she doesn't hear from Clarissa for years. Nevertheless, she continues to live her life, marries, has a daughter and becomes a senior physician. One day a woman is admitted with a tablet overdose, who immediately recognizes Hanna as her lost girlfriend. The friendship between the two begins where it left off and the women decide to go to the desert island together again. Hanna also takes her daughter Lea (Lina Koehlert) with her, but when they arrive in the former holiday paradise, they learn of the disappearance of a little girl that they once knew. Shortly afterwards Lea and Hanna are also in great danger.


Die vierte Macht (The Fourth Power, 2010)

Role: Dima, Director: Dennis Gansel

In a crisis of relationships and life, the Berlin scene journalist Paul Jensen (Moritz Bleibtreu) flees to Moscow to give his mentor Alexei Onjegin (Rade Serbedzija)'s Russian tabloid magazine a breath of fresh air. The gossip about Russia's rich and beautiful is his métier and Paul easily gives the paper a new shine and a higher circulation. Everything seems fine again, his life resembles a single party, also thanks to the help of his constant companion Dima (Max Riemelt). There he makes the acquaintance with the beautiful Katja (Kasia Smutniak) and it has happened to him. Paul only has eyes for the mysterious Russian woman, who even makes him publish a politically motivated obituary. An action with consequences, because from now on the events in Paul's life are coming thick and fast. He is accused of terrorism himself and ends up in one of Russia's notorious prisons. Paul is going through hell on earth. When Onjegin can finally bring about a surrender, Paul already thinks he is safe. But in doing so, he underestimated his real opponents. A race against time begins.


Der deutsche Freund (2011)

Role: Friedrich, Director: Jeannine Meerapfel

Sulamit (Celeste Cid, Julieta Vetrano), daughter of Jewish emigrants from Germany, grew up in Buenos Aires in the 1950s. Jews and Nazis, who fled Europe and were thrown together again in a foreign country, live in the immediate vicinity. As a young girl Sulamit meets Friedrich (Max Riemelt, Juan Franciso Ray), a German boy who lives with his family in the house directly opposite. Soon an unusual proximity arises between the two. When Friedrich realizes that his father was an SS functionary, he breaks with his family and goes to Germany to deal with his origins. Here he joins the student movement. Sulamit follows him and finds that his political commitment leaves no room for her love. Sulamit studies, later works as a translator and starts a relationship with the university assistant Michael (Benjamin Sadler). But her heart is in Friedrich's heart. When he leaves Germany to join an Argentine guerrilla movement, contact breaks off and Friedrich disappears without a trace. Sulamit embarks on a quest that takes her to the heart of Patagonia.


Heiter bis Wolkig (2011)

Role: Tim, Director: Marco Petry

Tim (Max Riemelt) and Can (Elyas M'Barek) are best friends. And best friends share everything - sometimes even stupid ideas. For example, they have a special trick to catch women: they pretend to be terminally ill. Always worked great so far. Until Tim falls in love with Marie (Anna Fischer). Marie's sister Edda (Jessica Schwarz) is actually terminally ill. Tim has no choice but to continue playing the sick guy - even before Edda. Of course, she quickly realizes that Tim is only simulating. But instead of exposing him, she offers him a deal: If Tim shows herself "cooperative", she will keep the secret to herself and not stand in the way of his love for Marie. Tim quickly finds himself in the most absurd and crazy situations.


Auslandseinsatz (2011)

Role: Daniel Gerber, Director: Till Endemann

Daniel (Max Riemelt) and Ronnie (Hanno Koffler) have been friends since childhood. Now they go together with the native Afghan Emal (Omar El-Saeidi) as time soldiers to the Hindukush. Its mission: to support reconstruction in northern Afghanistan, create stability through humanitarian aid and help democratic structures to establish themselves. But the reality is different. The young soldiers are only gradually becoming aware of what it means to go to a war-torn region. They have to quickly find their way around in a completely new world and make the right decisions. Aid for reconstruction on the ground threatens to fail due to the influence of the Taliban. More and more the question arises as to the purpose of their use. In the extreme situation of war, Daniel and Ronnie's friendship is on the brink of disruption.


Freier Fall (Free Fall, 2012)

Role: Kay Engel, Director Stephan Lacant

Career prospects with the riot police, offspring on the road, the semi-detached house pre-financed by the parents: Marc's (Hanno Koffler) life is well set up. But then he meets his colleague Kay (Max Riemelt) during a training course. During running training Marc gets to know a new feeling of lightness - and what it's like to develop feelings for a man.
Torn between the world he knows and the intoxication of the new experience, his life becomes increasingly out of control. In free fall Marc can no longer please anyone - neither his wife (Katharina Schüttler), nor his parents (Maren Kroymann, Louis Lamprecht) or Kay. Least of all himself.


Der letzte Bulle – Gefährliches Spiel (2012)

Role: Dennis Paschmann, Director: Thomas Nennstiel

Carsten Wiechert is lying dead in his apartment. He was thrown into a glass case and suffered a broken neck. Mick and Andreas quickly realize that Wiechert only came home in the middle of the night, although the inn where he worked had closed its doors much earlier. Soon it becomes clear: the upmarket inn turns into an illegal casino at night, and the murder victim worked here as a croupier. But who had a motive?


Der Zweite Mann (2012)

Role: Adrian, Director: Christopher Lenke

The young accountant Adrian (Max Riemelt) is promoted after the termination of his predecessor and takes over the annual audit of a private investment bank. But the joy of career advancement is short. The businesswoman Rebecca (Anna Drijver) encounters the dark secret of the bank: the books are manipulated. Adrian realizes that he only got the position to wave his way through the bank's semi-silky deals. But he defends himself: In order to prove the balance sheet manipulations, he even exceeds the limits of legality. Adrian is caught in a trap. It was used, just like its predecessor. It seems increasingly clear that Adrian is on his way of fate: Unconsciously he fell in love with the same woman and got caught in the same web of balance sheet manipulation and insider trading that gave his predecessor the for the rest of his life. Adrian realizes that from now on he has to do things differently in order to survive.


Blutgeld (2012)

Role: Ralf Seifert, Director: René Heisig

In the early 70s. Marianne Seifert (Charlotte Schwab) fears for the lives of her sons. You're a hemophiliac, any minor injury can be fatal. A bicycle accident of the youngest, Ralf (Max Riemelt, Max Boekhoff) seems to be a stroke of luck: Marianne learns of a new type of treatment. With the help of the medication the brothers Ralf, Thomas (David Rott) and Stefan (Fabian Busch, Thilo Berndt) can lead a normal life. The medical miracle has a name: Factor VIII is a coagulant obtained from blood donations that makes hemophiliacs seemingly carefree. However, like many other patients, they are infected with AIDS due to HIV-contaminated blood. When the brothers learn that they are HIV positive, they begin to fight against the constant fear of the outbreak of the disease and its discovery, which led to total social exclusion in the 1980s. In the family there is a quarrel and the early death of one of the three brothers is an additional burden. But above all Ralf does not want to subordinate his life completely to the illness. Supported by the young doctor Martina Meissner, he struggles to prove the path of transmission and to hold those responsible for the disaster to account.


Lichtgestalten (Icons of Light, 2013)

Role: Steffen, Director: Christian Moris Müller

Katharina (Theresa Scholze) and Steffen (Max Riemelt) have good jobs, a loving relationship - an attic apartment on two floors. But the two long to escape the comforting predictability of their lives. One night they decide to take a radical step: they will destroy any signs of their existence in order to start somewhere else. The two set up a camera to film their actions in the hope that others will follow them, start destroying their property, closing their bank accounts and erasing their digital traces. They don't even want to tell their best friends Robert (Sebastian Schwarz) and Paul (Max Woelky) that they will disappear forever. While everything shatters into pieces, her plan takes an almost imperceptible turn: The secret revolution becomes a fight for their love.


Freistatt (2013)

Role: Bruder Krapp, Director: Marc Brummund

In 1968, 14-year-old, rebellious Wolfgang is deported to the welfare home of the Diakonie Freistatt, where he is to be "educated" as a decent boy. Wolfgang resists the inhuman working conditions and the perfidious educational methods of the home director and does not let him get him down. But how long can he continue to defend himself against this system of violence and oppression without brutalizing himself? A film based on true events about a boy's relentless struggle for the last remnant of humanity and dignity in a repressive social system.


Alleinflug (2013)

Role: Bernd Rosemey, Direcot: Christine Hartmann

Elly Beinhorn (Vicky Kriegs) was one of the modern women who wanted to help shape the new century. Like her colleagues, the attractive Elly had to fight for her flying lessons and sponsors. She did not give up and in 1932 she was the first woman to circumnavigate the world with her single-engine machine - alone. The Messerschmidt AG soon provided her with a manoeuvrable and enduring sports pilot, which Elly Beinhorn named "Taifun" without further ado. Thus she conquered the sky and her audience worldwide - and soon also the most desirable and fastest man of his time: racing driver Bernd Rosemeyer (Max Riemelt). They became a celebrated couple but but then Rosemeyer died unexpectedly in an accident and plunged Elli into a deep crisis.


Auf das Leben! (To Life!, 2013)

Role: Jonas, Director: Uwe Janson

The former cabaret singer Ruth (Hannelore Elsner), an 84-year-old sarcastic and yet very warmhearted woman is right in the middle of life despite her traumatic childhood experiences. Only the forced eviction of their apartment and their musical instrument workshop as well as the associated move to a home for the elderly make them lose their desire for life. 29-year-old Jonas (Max Riemelt), who is fighting the first signs of a serious illness. Knowing the hopelessness of his situation, he tries to distract himself by an excessive way of life. In order to make ends meet financially, Jonas works as a furniture packer. That's how he meets Ruth. From the fleeting encounter soon develops a deep connection. As big as the difference in age, as different as their life experiences and as individual as the serious blows of fate are - the desire to help the other person on his feet is so tremendously strong that Ruth and Jonas do not shy away from unusual measures.


Storno – Todsicher versichert (2014)

Role: Rupert Halmer, Director: Jan Fehse

Rupert Halmer (Max Riemelt) had not imagined his new professional start. Going door-to-door and selling insurance. Also under the thumb of the unscrupulous division manager Schulze (Axel Stein), who leads Rupert & Co like soldiers and thinks he is in a war zone. But Rupert wants to make his dream of a life on the coast come true with the money from this job. A contract with the naive farmer Olivia (Jeanette Hain) seems to be the ticket to happiness. But unfortunately the contract is not really "clean" and neither is Olivia mentioned. Rather, she is cunning and unscrupulous and draws Rupert into an abstruse whirlpool of complications and danger, which ultimately not everyone involved will survive unharmed.


Sense8 – Season 1 (2014)

Role: Wolfgang Bogdanow, Directors: The Wachowskis, Tom Tykwer

"Sense8" tells the story of eight people in different places around the world. They are all affected by a tragic death and are closely linked. Although they are not in the same place, they can see each other and communicate with each other. Each of them also has insight into the deepest secrets of the others. Together they try to find out what and why it happened and what their fate means for the future of mankind.


Amnesia (2014)

Role: Jo, Director: Barbet Schroeder

Ibiza, early nineties: Berlin-born music composer Jo (Max Riemelt) came to the island because he hopes to get a job in the new hot nightclub. In Ibiza he meets Martha (Marthe Keller), who has lived in seclusion in her house for 40 years. Slowly they become friends and are fascinated by the mysteries surrounding the woman. Martha claims not to be able to speak German, but when one day it turns out that she is fluent in German, Jo begins to question her and their relationship and reveals her secret.


Berlin Syndrome (2016)

Role: Andi, Director: Cate Shortland

Australian backpacker Clare (Teresa Palmer) takes her camera through Berlin's Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. She was particularly fond of the old GDR buildings - and Andi (Max Riemelt), the likeable English teacher she met by chance. The two get along immediately and Andi shows Clare allotments, the neighborhood and finally also his bedroom. What begins as a romance, however, soon takes an unexpectedly dark turn: The next morning, Andi is already at school, Clare wants to leave the apartment. But the door is locked and the old building is otherwise empty. At first Clare thinks Andi just forgot her and accidentally locked her up. But Andi has no intention of ever letting her go again.


Sense8 - Season 2 (2017)

Role: Wolfgang Bogdanow, Directors: The Wachowskis

The second season of "Sense8" follows the first season and the Christmas special. The eight Sensates now know that they are always united, but each is faced with their own personal problems. Together they must face simultaneously growing dangers and horrible battles. Opposing forces lurking on the horizon are quickly becoming stronger and threatening to destroy the Sensates. The journey in search of their identity becomes a test of tears for the eight Sensates, in which they have to prove how strongly they have really grown together and how much I can rely on each other's feelings and thoughts.

Sense8 - Season 2

Sense8 - Together Until The End (2017/18)

Role: Wolfgang Bogdanow, Directors: The Wachowskis

In "Sense8 - Together Until The End", the grand finale of the series, the eight Sensates face their common enemy and opponent, the BPO and Mr Whispers, once again in a last great battle. Together they manage to free Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) from the clutches of the BPO and to live through some carefree days in Europe. But soon the opponent regains strength and new danger threatens: Bodhi (Sarah Kants) meets "the mother", an old senator, in her French villa. Her son is none other than Milton Brandt, alias Mr Whispers (Terrence Mann). And he seems to be using the BPO to attain immortality. Will the Sensates be able to prevent this and avert the danger forever?


Kopfplatzen (2018)

Role: Markus, Director: Savaş Ceviz

Markus is generally a lovable person. He is intelligent, helpful and has strong moral principles. But his passion excludes him. The little son of his neighbour, Arthur, attracts Markus. But in society, who stigmatizes the matter itself Markus cannot freely ask for help. Silently and withdrawn, he resists the supposedly inevitable and yet can only watch as his instinct pushes the boundaries of his actions ever further. "Kopfplatzen" is an uncomfortable movie. By telling pedophilia from the perspective of a pedophile, "Kopfplatzen" provokes and it wants to provoke by raising questions about one's own fate and guilt on the one hand, and by asking society how it can deal with people whose drives lead them to terrible deeds on the other.


Die Freundin meiner Mutter (2019)

Role: Jan, Director: Mark Monheim

Family's complicated, no question. But Jan is hit particularly hard: his lesbian mother Viktoria asks him to become a sperm donor for the child she wants with her partner Rosalie. Jan would then be father and brother in one. An absurd idea? Not if Jan has a crush on Rosalie. The unsuccessful bookseller Jan had to accept early on when it came to love: Jan's great childhood love, his French au pair Madeleine, ended up in Victoria's bed. Now the moment has come for the theorist Jan to throw all doubts overboard and seize the opportunity. Finally, Rosalie fulfills all the points on Jan's checklist for the perfect woman. And Jan has something Rosalie really wants: his seed.


World on Fire (2019)

Role: Schmidt, Director: Peter Bowker

As the threat of the Nazi regime looms large over Europe, translator Harry Chase vows to help his Polish lover Kasia flee Warsaw, but how will he explain this to his sweetheart Lois, waiting for him at home in Manchester?  Meanwhile, American journalist and broadcaster Nancy Campbell is at the Polish-German border, making a grisly discovery. In Paris, surgeon Webster O’Connor finds the distant threat of war on his doorstep as he falls for French-African jazz musician Albert Fallou, who has been beaten up by the Action Francaise mob.


Der Schneegänger (2019)

Role: Lutz Gehring, Director: Josef Rusnak

11-year-old Darijo Tudor is dead. The child disappeared two years ago, but all the investigations at that time were fruitless. Darijo was the son of Croatian immigrants. His mother Lida worked for the influential Reinartz family of entrepreneurs. She, her husband Darko and her son lived in their house. Darijo may have been confused with one of the two entrepreneurial sons when he was kidnapped. Soon it becomes clear that the boy had been abused for a long time and died shortly after his disappearance. No one from the Tudor and Reinartz families alleges to have known anything about the abuse. Now, two years after the crime, the situation in the Reinartz house has changed drastically: Lida is now married to her former employer Günter Reinartz and has become the landlady. Her ex-husband Darko lives as a wildlife biologist in the forests of Brandenburg and hates his ex-wife and her new husband. Detective Superintendent Lutz Gehring unofficially calls the young policewoman Sanela Beara into the investigation. Gehring hopes that she, who came to Germany from Croatia at the age of six, can provide him with an insight that he, as a German, cannot have. As Sanela and Gehring try to get to the truth, an abyss of hurt feelings, disappointments and selfishness is revealed to them.


Tatort – Die Zeit ist gekommen (2019)

Role: Louis Bürger, Director: Stephan Lacant

The young parents Anna and Louis Bürger want to finally get their lives back on track - steady work for both of them, no more parties, no more drugs and a nice home for their twelve-year-old son Tim. But when a neighbor, police officer Jan Landrock, is found beaten to death in front of their house and Dresden detectives Gorniak and Winkler investigate, Louis, who has a criminal record, is soon suspected of the crime. Louis can persuade Anna to release him from custody. Together with Tim, who is in the care of the youth welfare office, they want to get away abroad and start a new life there. But when they want to pick up Tim at the children's home, the detectives are faster than them. The flight attempt turns into an unplanned kidnapping. Louis and Anna barricade themselves with Tim, the director Lehmann and 17-year-old Nico in the kitchen of the orphanage. Winkler, Gorniak and Commissariat Manager Schnabel work feverishly on a strategy to de-escalate the situation and make Louis give up. But as long as the real murderer of Landrock is not caught, Louis remains willing to do whatever it takes. Commissioner Winkler breaks into the orphanage and risks her life.

Max Riemelt - Pfefferkörner

Die Pfefferkörner und der Schatz der Tiefsee (2019)

Role: Oliver, Director: Christian Theede

When 12-year-old Alice hears that she will spend the summer holidays with her friend Tarun, she is overjoyed. But once the young girl has arrived in Northern Ireland, Tarun's mother, the marine scientist Jaswinder, is robbed at her research station by thieves who also take top secret documents. Together with her friends Johnny, Clarissa and Hanna, Alice wants to find out why. When they meet the garbage dealer Robert Fleckmann in Germany, who knows far too much about Jaswinder's research project, the friends get suspicious. Finally, Tarun's mother disappears without a trace. But she has recently found a way to get rid of the plastic waste in the sea. But the owners of the world-wide toxic waste industry dislike her plans. Patrizia and Oliver, Jaswinder's two assistants, are also acting strangely now ...


Bonn (2021)

Role: Wolfgang Berns, Director: Claudia Garde

Bonn, 1954: the former German capital in the middle of the Cold War. This is where 20-year-old Toni Schmidt (Mercedes Müller) returns after a language study trip to London. Her family enjoys the new prosperity between refrigerator and television set at the time of the German economic miracle. But Toni wants more: she gets a job with the predecessor organization of today's Federal Intelligence Service. Otto John (Sebastian Blomberg), who as head of the Federal Intelligence Service tracks down war criminals, becomes aware of Toni. John is convinced that Toni's boss Reinhard Gehlen (Martin Wuttke) supports former Nazis. John decides to send his best assistant, Wolfgang Berns (Max Riemelt), after Toni. Berns is supposed to recruit her as a double agent for the intelligence service. The ambitious young woman gets caught between the fronts of the intelligence services and also gets emotionally closer and closer to Wolfgang Berns. But who can she really trust?